5 Things You Need to Learn Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar, Part II: The Metronome

Image by Mojpe from Pixabay The dreaded, the feared, the despised:  The Metronome. I’ve not met a musician who hasn’t loathed the thing. However, it is the very thing that makes you good. The metronome itself will sharpen your sense of timing.  According to the ever trusted and faithful steward of all things true on […]

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Why I Left Social Media

Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay I thought I would take a minute and say a few words about why I left “social media,” and by social media, I mean Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all the rest. No Friends For one, I understand that solo classical and fingerstyle guitar is not everyone’s cup of tea. When […]

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New Blog Site Updates and…. Blogging?

I’ve decided to give blogging a go. My plan, is to talk about things dealing with Christianity and music, specific to the classical/fingerstyle/nylon string guitar. This will be the main focus of the blog, but not limited to that only. I think that there are many things that we can glean from the Word of God, serving God as musicians, and encouraging the church as God leads.

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