New Blog Site Updates and…. Blogging?

New Blog Site Updates and…. Blogging?

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Would you believe it? The “blog” site is finally set up for …blogging. The previous designs were simply not mobile friendly and I wanted a simple design for the site, but still, something nice to look at and, of course, mobile friendly.

Yeah, …but blogging?

I’ve decided to give blogging a go. My plan, is to talk about things dealing with Christianity and music, specific to the classical/fingerstyle/nylon string guitar. This will be the main focus of the blog, but not limited to that only. I think that there are many things that we can glean from the Word of God, serving God as musicians, and encouraging the church as God leads.

So what’s so different about this blog verses any other church music blog?

A couple of things. First, this blog is dedicated to Christ and serving Him with the classical/fingerstyle guitar primarily in the church, but not limited to the church and not necessarily limited to classical music. Arrangements for hymns and praise & worship songs will be posted for free download under The Hymn Project tab in both notation and tablature. I want to make these as accessible as possible for anyone interested.

Blog post will consist of:

  1. My guitar videos (of course)
  2. The Gospel Truth and articles about what the Bible says about music
  3. Video Pick of the Month
  4. Product Reviews
  5. Hymn / Praise & Worship Posts (of course)
  6. New Resources
  7. Favorite CD’s and Where to Get Them
  8. Practice Ideas / Scales / Exercises
  9. Djembe and Hand Percussion Ideas
  10. Recording and Home Studio Ideas

These are some of the ideas for this blog, I’d like to talk about a practical way of approaching the guitar (everybody and their sister already teaches on-line, so this will be something different). If you would like to see others, feel free to drop me a line. As always, be sure to follow Stringscapes on the various social media list on this blog.

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