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Most of the content on this website is free. From blogs to arrangements and transcriptions. Here are some ways you can support content creation on Stringscapes.


Pray for steadfastness in the Lord, that Stringscapes would glorify God in everything. Pray for ideas for blogs and content, time to create, encouragement, focus that God would bring the kind of viewers that this site was created for.

You can always contribute to the tip jar by Buying Me a Coffee. I like coffee.

Buy Music

Buy original sheet music in notation/notation and tablature written for the guitar. A great way to support the site is to buy something. See Paul’s compositions.

Buy a Practice Resource

Buy something from the shop. Paul’s always working on something new to add to the shop.

Listen Online

You can listen to original music for guitar on your favorite streaming platform. Choose from a this list of platforms: Spotify

Social Media

Follow Stringscapes on these social media platforms.

Share Something

Like what you see or read. Share it with a friend or on social media.

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